Other aircraft & exhibits

The Aircraft and Exhibits Collection holds a vast collection of equipment and artefacts covering all aspects of aviation history but with a particular emphasis on the RAF and its predecessors. This Department does not hold the uniforms, clothing, medals and decorations.

General Station Equipment

Visitors often ask what the collection contains – well anything from fire bells to beds to crockery. Remember those single beds in the barrack block and the cup in the NAAFI well this is where examples are kept.


Instruments form a vital part of an aircraft and we hold many thousands. They provide not only a vital source of material for our vital restoration work but also illustrate their evolution.


Over the years the Service has produced many trophies and cups to record the excellence of its work and the performance of its men and women. A number of these items have found their way to the RAF Museum and we make every effort to display parts of this collection when the opportunity occurs.


Our collection of propellers is heavily biased towards the wooden two and four bladed examples. With a total exceeding 250 we think we have a very good representative collection. Metal propellers are held in much smaller numbers (often due to their size.)

Flags, Banners & Standards

It’s a small collection compared to others but it nevertheless holds some fascinating examples covering the entire period.


It is almost impossible to do justice to this large collection except to say its one of the richest and most rewarding for the social historian. It literally contains almost anything you might think of which was acquired or used to commemorate some event or events in service life. Just two examples will have to suffice to illustrate the breadth of the holdings – a kilometre stone to mascot, a tapestry to a bullet damaged cigarette case – all have a fascinating story to tell.

Weapons Collection

The Royal Air Force is a military service and a major part of its inventory are weapons. Our collection can be separated into missiles, bombs and guns.

Missiles Collection

One of the jewels in the RAF Museum’s crown is the missile display at Cosford. Even if you only have a passing interest you are bound to be overwhelmed by the vast array displayed there.

Bombs Collection

From the earliest darts through blockbusters to nuclear weapons

Guns Collection

A comprehensive collection of air weapons and an equally impressive personal weapons collection. (Because of the nature of this collection, most of the artefacts are not held on either public site and are not available for inspection by the general public).