The Photograph Collection of the RAF Museum covers the history of British military aviation. It contains about 250,000 images in a variety of formats but most are black & white prints.

RAF Museum Photograph Collection

The collection covers the history of aviation in Britain from the 19th Century to modern times. The earliest photographs show the Royal Engineers’ ballooning activities from 1890 to 1893.
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Charles Brown Collection

The aviation photographer, Charles Brown, was active from the 1920’s to the 1960’s. His collection of aviation photographs is one of the largest compiled by a single photographer.
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British Aerospace Kingston Collection

The British Aerospace Kingston collection covers the history of the Sopwith, Hawker and Hawker-Siddeley companies especially at the former factory in Kingston-on-Thames.
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Aerial photographs

We have a number of small collections of aerial photographs. Most are held by the Photograph Collection but some are in archive collections within the Archives and Library Department. A leaflet is available giving details of other collections holding relevant material.
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