War in the Air

RAFM Bomber Command Aircrew And Groundcrew Uniforms

Hangar 3 houses our new permanent exhibition, ‘Strike Hard, Strike Sure: Bomber Command 1939–1945’ – the centrepiece of which is the newly restored Vickers Wellington, the most produced British bomber of the War. Visitors are invited to explore and engage with stories of the crew, technology and raids that contributed to Allied victory. As well as our iconic aircraft, objects taken from our archives reveal the real stories of the real people involved. Highlights include Guy Gibson’s Victoria Cross, and new arrival the Bristol Blenheim. The V1 and the V2 show how Germany continually developed new technology throughout the war, as well as the Me 262 – the world’s first operational jet fighter.

The Hangar closes with the mighty Avro Lincoln and the Hawker Tempest II. Both aircraft came into production too late to see service in the Second World War, but represent the apex of piston-engined, propeller driven aircraft design before their replacement by more capable jets in the Cold War.

Please note: The Museum regularly undertakes a programme of maintenance and conservation, so some exhibits or Hangars may be temporarily inaccessible. If you are visiting us to see something specific, please contact us in advance to ensure it that it is on display and available for public viewing.