Volunteer helps a young visitor to try on items from the Museum's handling collection

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Our volunteers get involved in a variety of roles across the Museum, including both visitor-facing and behind-the-scenes roles.

This page gives an overview of the types of role available at our London site. To see which volunteering roles we are currently advertising for, please click the 'Apply now' button above.

Visitor-facing volunteering

Volunteers help us to ensure that all visitors to the RAF Museum receive a warm welcome, and find their visit interesting and engaging. Through a variety of front-of-house roles, our volunteers deliver guided tours, supervise experiences and aircraft access, help visitors young and old to understand and interact with the Museum’s collection and much more. Volunteers are also key to the success of our public events programme, whether that is cheering runners on during the Spitfire 10K race, welcoming visitors to Hendon Pageant, or teaching children to make the best paper aeroplanes at one of our sleepovers.

Hear from some of our visitor-facing volunteers:







Behind-the-scenes volunteering

Our volunteers play a vital role in supporting the behind-the-scenes work of the RAF Museum. They help us to clean and care for the objects in our collection. They catalogue the documents and photos in our archive, and answer public enquiries. They support the administration of our finance, fundraising and volunteering teams. They help us to share the RAF Story digitally, attracting new visitors through advertising and social media.

Hear from our behind-the-scenes volunteers: