Blohm und Voss BV246 Hagelkorn (Hailstone) - Glide Bomb Missile

Blohm und Voss BV246 Hagelkorn (Hailstone) - Glide Bomb Missile
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This ‘glide bomb’ was developed to improve the bombing accuracy of the Luftwaffe, who required a stabilised glide bomb with a Radio Command Link, (RCL) that could not be jammed by the British.

The Hagelkorn had a streamlined fuselage, cruciform tail and high thin wings. The wings were constructed of die-cast concrete aerofoils with a steel core. Although the concrete wings made the Hagelkorn very heavy, it did manage a very acceptable glide angle of 25:1, allowing it a range of 210kms (130 miles) if dropped from 10,500m (34,450ft).

The RCL presented the most difficulties for Hagelkorn. Trials were made using infra-red and radio beams, however the most successful method was to home onto Allied radars.

Production began in Hamburg in late 1943, but after 1,100 had been delivered in only two months, the project was finally cancelled. The 1,100 that had been delivered were released from FW 190F-8s, based at Karlshagen.