Literacy and Numeracy Boosters

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We understand the situation and challenges faced by teachers and students as we recover from a year of disrupted schooling.
To boost confidence and help address gaps in English and Maths, we have created resources which use RAF stories to encourage and inspire fantastic readers, amazing writers and mathematical whizzes!  (Image:

Literacy themes 

Saving Lives - KS1 resources (Saving Lives) and KS2 resources (Saving Lives)

Teamwork - KS1 resources (Teamwork) and KS2 resources (Teamwork)

Bravery - KS1 resources (Bravery) and KS2 resources (Bravery)

Rationing - KS1 resources (Rationing) and KS2 resources (Rationing)

Keeping in Touch - KS1 resources (Keeping in touch)and KS2 Resources (Keeping in touch)

Resilience - KS1 resources (Resilience) and KS2 resources (Resilience)

Innovation - KS1 resources (Innovation) and KS2 resources (Innovation)

Celebration - KS1 resources (Celebration) and KS2 resources (Celebration)

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Whether you're looking for parachuting fractions, Spitfire calculations or solving problems about rationing, our Museum Maths resources are here to help.