British Aircraft Corporation Jet Provost T5A

British Aircraft Corporation Jet Provost T5A
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The Jet Provost T5 was the final development of the first basic trainer in the world to go into service.

As military flying development in the 1960s, the increased emphasis given to work at high altitude placed a severe physiological strain on aircrew unless a pressurised cockpit was provided. In 1964 the original designers of the Jet Provost responded to the need for a pressurised version and began private work on the design. The Jet Provost T5 differed externally from earlier versions by a re-designed hood and a more bulbous shape to accommodate the pressurised cockpit.

The prototype T5 made its first flight on 28 February 1967. A total of 110 Jet Provost T5s were produced for the Royal Air Force and the first was handed over to the Central Flying School on 3 September 1969. Between 1973 and 1976, ninety-three were modified by an upgrade in avionics equipment and became T5As.

The rough grey coating on the wing of the aircraft was applied in order to break up the smooth airflow and give an early indication of the onset of a stall. The T5's original clean wing design gave the pilot little prior warning of this potentially dangerous event.