Monthly Giving

An elderly couple is observing a historical aircraft displayed in a museum. The aircraft is a World War II-era fighter plane with distinct markings, including a white nose, yellow underbelly, and camouflage paint. Behind the aircraft, there is an engine on display, and information plaques are placed in front of the plane for visitors to read.

Donate monthly to keep the RAF Museum flying.

A monthly donation is the easiest way to support our work at the RAF Museum and helps us to plan for the future.

Set up my donation

Welcome to our monthly giving community

By becoming a monthly donor, you’ll join our community to help preserve and share the RAF story.

By giving £5 or more a month…

  • You receive access to exclusive behind the scenes updates, invites to our exclusive thank you events, acknowledgement on our website, reduced entry to RAF Museum challenge events, and a bespoke pin badge
  • You could help us purchase essential tools needed to help conserve aircraft in our collection

By giving £25 or more a month…

  • You receive all of the above, and a Sit in a Spitfire experience
  • You could help rebind 10 books in our expansive library

By giving £50 or more a month…

  • You receive all of the above, and exclusive discounts at the Museum over the year
  • You could help us to deliver 1,500 workshops to over 60,000 learners in the next year

How do I set up my donation?
  • To set up your monthly donation, just complete the form below, which will set up a recurring card payment. You can stop this payment at any time.
Why give monthly?
  • Monthly donations are quick and easy to set up, and it means you can easily support the Museum all year round. Proportionally, most people can give a greater gift over the whole year when they choose to pay small amounts each month, and it helps us to plan ahead and develop our exciting future projects, as we have regular, reliable donations coming in
What happened to membership?
  • You may have seen our old membership scheme, where you could pay annually for different benefits. This has now closed and will not be re-opening. By pulling back some of the discounts and reducing our events programme, we can make sure that your donations are better used in our mission: sharing the story of the RAF with everyone.
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