Engine - Armstrong Siddeley Genet Major IA 'Civet'

Armstrong Siddeley Genet Major IA 'Civet'
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    Hangar 1

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Early in 1934 A.V. Roe acquired a licence to build the Cierva C30A two-seat autogiro (140hp SS Genet Major 1A) including the whole of the rotor system. Ordered by the Air Ministry for Army Co-operation in 1934 the C30A was allotted airframe service name of ‘Rota 1’ and for some obscure reason the Genet Major 1A engine was to be called the ‘Civet’ when installed in the Rota 1. Only a few of these engines were built. This particular engine was fitted to an autogiro based at the former Pendeford Aerodrome, Wolverhampton. The fate of the airframe is unknown, but the engine was crated and stored at Pendeford, for many years.