Engine - Daimler Benz DB610

Daimler Benz DB610
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    Hangar 1

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The DB610 engine is made by joining two DB605 engines; these are coupled together by means of a clutch and gearbox to drive a single four bladed VDM metal propeller 14ft 10in diameter, with metal cuffs at the roots to assist engine cooling.

This type of engine was fitted to the Heinkel Hel77A-5/R2 Greif (Griffon) and the Messerschmitt 261 V3.

To the casual observer the aircraft appeared to be fitted with radial engines, as this was typical of other German aircraft. In fact this circular cowl housed the circular cooling radiators readily seen on our display. The DB610 is a double-vee inverted in-line engine of twenty-four cylinders, six cylinders per bank.