Engine - Junkers Jumo 205

Junkers Jumo 205
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The Junkers Jumo 205 came from the opposed-piston, vertical cylinder, two stroke liquid-cooled pattern. Typical examples of this type of engine were the Jumo 204 (750hp), 205-C (550hp) and 206 (1050hp).

The Jumo 205C engine has a bore of 105mm and stroke of 2 x 160mm with a cylinder capacity of 16.62 litres, compression ratio 17:1 output 610bhp at 2,200rpm. Weight 1124lbs.

It will be seen that the upper crankshaft is geared to the propeller shaft and the lower crankshaft is connected through a train of gears, there is also a vibration damper in the propeller shaft. There are two injection pumps, one each side; fuel is injected at about 8,000lbs per square inch.