Hawker Siddeley Dominie T.Mk.1

Hawker Siddeley Dominie T.Mk.1
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The Dominie advanced navigation trainer saw long service with the RAF. It was the first jet-powered navigation trainer designed specifically for such a purpose to enter service with the Royal Air Force.

First flown in December 1964, it was a military derivative of the highly successful HS 125 executive jet, and superseded the Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF (T) 14 (an example of which can be seen in the NCWE at Cosford) as the RAF's standard navigation trainer for advanced students destined for fast jets with front-line squadrons.

Although the Dominie has now retired from RAF service, the similar British Aerospace HS125 CC 3 remains in VIP communications service with the RAF's No.32 Squadron at RAF Northolt in north London, frequently overflying the RAF Museum Hendon site.