Hawker Siddeley Hunter F6A

Hawker Siddeley Hunter F6A
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The Hunter is remembered by its pilots as a delight to fly, and served with 22 air arms world wide.

A single seat fighter, 415 Hunter F Mk 6s were produced, some 380 of them for the RAF (the greatest number for any Hunter variant), this variant introducing improved flying controls (making it an ideal aerobatic aircraft, serving with the RAF Black Arrows and Blue Diamonds aerobatic display teams) and the 10,150lb st (4 605kgp) Rolls Royce Avon 203/207 engine and a dogtooth wing leading edge. It was armed with four 30mm Aden cannon and bombs or rockets on underwing pylons. RAF Hunter F Mk 6s entered service in October 1956, with deliveries up to October 1957, serving in the UK, Germany and the Middle East. Many later modified to F.6A standard with strengthened wings to permit greater loads to be carried, and served in the RAF front line until 1963, and into the 1980s in the training role.