Scottish Aviation Bulldog T Mk 1

Scottish Aviation Bulldog T Mk 1
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The Scottish Aviation Bulldog T Mk 1 was ordered as the standard primary trainer to supersede the De Havilland Chipmunk; it first entered service in April 1973. In all, the RAF received 132 Bulldogs, which equipped the Central Flying School and other units.   The Bulldog was a side-by-side trainer that was developed from the Beagle Pup with a more powerful engine and larger canopy.

The Bulldog became  the standard aircraft of the University Air Squadrons and, later, Air Experience Flights, providing flying training. The RAF sold off all its remaining Bulldog trainers in 2001 as general aviation light aircraft , and many remain in civilian service today, a number still flying in their original RAF colours. They were replaced by the Grob Tutor.