Vickers VC10

VC10 XR808
Serial No: XR808
Period: Post-WWII
Reference: N/A
Museum: Cosford
Location: External Display
On Display: Yes

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The VC10 was designed as a long range airliner able to operate from short runways at airfields in hot and high conditions as found in Africa and the Far East. 

The rear engine configuration meant that the cabin was very quiet. 

The aircraft had a high cruising mach number and had very good short field performance.  However, this was achieved at the cost of very high fuel burn in the cruise which may explain why the aircraft attracted few overseas customers.

In the later part of its service the aircraft was modified for the tanking role but kept its passenger and freight carrying ability.

A VC10 holds the record for the fastest subsonic crossing of the Atlantic: G-ASGC flew from New York’s JFK to Prestwick, Scotland in 5 hours 1 minute in March 1979.  The time was taken from take-off to touch down.

A gallery of photos can be viewed of VC10 XR808's journey to Cosford here.  
The transportation of the VC10 was made possible thanks to the support of BAE Systems Heritage and the RAF Charitable Trust.  Members of the VC10derness group also supported the project through a donation raised from sales of polo shirts.

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