Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka

Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka
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    War in the Air

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A design born of utter but faithful desperation' the Yokosuka MXY7 Model 11 (Japanese Ohka or 'Cherry Blossom' , allied code name 'Baka') shows the desperate Japanese attempts to defend the home islands as the allies advanced through the Pacific from late 1944. It was a rocket powered piloted aircraft to be carried and launched from a 'Mother' aircraft, glide as far as possible before making a final rocket powered approach to impact on its target.

Unpowered prototypes were tested in October 1944; 755 were built by March 1945. Its disastrous first mission saw all 16 vulnerable and highly inflammable Mitsubishi G4M2e 'Betty' Mother bomber aircraft destroyed by allied fighters and the Ohkas released short of their intended targets. A few later successes included the sinking of an American destroyer on 12 April 1945, by which time production had ceased due to the vulnerability of the mother aircraft. A turbojet-powered development and two-seat trainer variant were also built.