Brothers in Arms : Exhibition Opening - 14th September 2011

During the Battle of Britain one fifth of Fighter Command's aircrew came from overseas with 16 nations represented in its squadrons. Arguably the RAF's most prolific and successful pilots of this campaign and beyond were the dispossessed Polish and Czechoslovakian pilots who escaped from their homelands to fight, as brothers in arms, against a tyranny that had occupied Continental Europe. On 14th September 2011 Mr. Radoslaw Sirkorski, the Minister of Foreign affairs of the Republic of Poland, officially opened the Museum's the 'Brothers in Arms' exhibition, which ran until 4th March 2012. At the banquet he delivered an address to honoured guests which included Chief of Air Staff Sir Stephen Dalton and His Excellency Michael Žantovský the Ambassador of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in London and Veterans of the Battle of Britain. The evening was sponsored by BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin.

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