Mary Doyle – Access Advisory Group


What I do

I’ve been part of the Access Advisory Group since 2019, and we ensure all of our guests have the most accessible and inclusive experience possible. We regularly review the museum environment, procedures and policies to ensure it’s suitable for our diverse visitors and we consult on new exhibitions. I work as an executive coach, disability equality trainer and accessible aviation consultant and this is very much an extension of my own work, it’s a privilege to be here.

What I love
I came here as a kid as I lived in north London. I even had my first date here with my partner, he picked the location, smart man! I’m slightly obsessed with air and space, people being themselves and geeking out in environments they love, like a wonderful museum. I worked in software and services for 28 years and I learnt to fly in 2012, this completely enriched my life, opening up new opportunities to work and volunteer in aviation using my customer service and training skills. A beautiful museum with knowledgeable staff is a never-ending source of curiosity for me, I often meet my friends here as the location is perfect.

What I get
I hope all the museum visitors have a great time, make some memories and have a barrier free experience to absolutely get the most out of it. And that they are impressed with how accessible it is and come back with their friends to learn more history and stories. I never get tired of coming here, it’s always fun, happy times ahead!