Friday 14 August

VJ75: Mapping the Campaign in the East

Short Animated Film

The National Museum of the Royal Navy, National Army Museum, Royal Air Force Museum and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission take you through a tour of the Campaign in the East. The fighting was so vast that British Commonwealth forces and their allies fought across thousands of miles.

This short film will show you a brief summary of the battles fought in the Air, Sea and on land; and look at how we remember them in the geography of today’s world.

To explore the Campaign in more detail, browse through the rest of our programme.

Never Forgotten: The RAF in the Far East

Online Exhibition

In this online exhibition you can explore the RAF’s campaign in the East and follow each year of the War. Looking at the Calm before the storm through to victory.

Those who fought in this theatre would often feel forgotten when they returned home, in 1946 the world had moved on. Discover their stories and the operations they took part in.

The air war in the Far East: Diversity and co-operation

Curators Talk

Nina Hadaway, Archive, Library and Research Manager for the RAF Museum, explores the diverse nature of the air war using the Liberator B24 as an example of co-operation.

The Fall of Singapore


In this blog, RAF Museum Archivist, Gary Haines reflects on his personal connections to the Fall of Singapore in 1942 and takes us through the last months before it fell to the Japanese offensive. What role did the RAF play in defending what was then a British Colony?

Japanese Aircraft of the Second World War at the Royal Air Force Museum Cosford

Curators Talk

Tom Hopkins, RAF Museum Curator, look at the museum’s Mitsubishi Ki-46 Dinah, Kawasaki Ki-100 and Yokosuka Okha.

RAF Steam Launches in India

Archive Footage

This archive Footage from the RAF Productions shows the supply role that the RAF undertook during the war. This time using steam launches in India. Filmed during the war, these snippets of footage would have been shared with the Public to show the war effort in the East.

Help us during these challenging times to continue our vital work looking after our remarkable collections and telling the stories of the tri-service. Your donation will be split equally between the three museums. If you would like to support the Commonwealth War Graves charitable arm, please consider joining their Foundation.


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