Announcement About Our Royal Patronage


Diving on the Goodwin Sands is not easy. Tides limit diving to
50-90 mins per day. Visibility is also problematical, although it can be
as much as 5 m in the right conditions.

Geophysical and visual surveys have confirmed that the structure
is largely intact, with the bomb bay open and the undercarriage up.

The wreck’s inverted position and bent propellers suggests that
it ‘ground looped’ on landing. The wreck lies largely proud of the
seabed at a depth of some 16m (52ft). It is thought that it has only
recently emerged from the sands (perhaps within the last 3 years).

There are indications of a small debris field adjacent to the
wreck, apparently comprising panels and lightweight structure, such as
flaps and bomb bay doors, torn free in the landing.

Early research and preliminary site survey work for the Dornier Do 17 was supported by the Society of Friends at our London based Museum.