British Aerospace Dynamics Sea Skua

British Aerospace Dynamics Sea Skua
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    National Cold War Exhibition

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This Air-to-Surface Missile uses a semi-active radar homing guidance system and its first application was aboard the Lynx helicopter using the Ferranti Seaspray radar illuminator. The Lynx can carry 4 Sea Skua missiles and this fit was used to extend the range of weapons available to helicopter-armed frigates.

The range of the Sea Skua also offers considerable ‘distance’ protection for the launch aircraft, especially against ship launched Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAM).

Once the launch aircraft crew has designated a target, the Sea Skua can be treated as a fire-and-forget missile. After launch the missile swoops down to 1 of 4 preselected sea-skimming heights. Near the target the missile automatically climbs slightly for optimum lock-on for the homing head.