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A huge choice of gifts and souvenirs
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We would be delighted to welcome you to our museum shop located on the lower level in the National Cold War Exhibition. A giant statue of Lenin is positioned above the tills and will help you find us!

You will find a wide range of books, DVDs, models, prints, gifts, clothes, toys and pocket-money souvenirs to suit any budget. There are also bargains to be found on the nearly new aviation bookstall. 

Come and see for yourselves and be happy in the knowledge that any purchase you make will support the charitable work of the Royal Air Force Museum. You can also shop online at and sign up to the shop e-newsletter to receive special offers.

3 Pilots 1 War

Discover the amazing story of three First World War Pilots

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 Bernard Rice

Bernard Rice

First World War Pilot
3 Pilots 1 War