Car Club’s Terms and Conditions

Please ensure that the vehicles using your allocated space are part of your car club. Any additional vehicles, clubs or organisations that arrive without the above agreement will be required to park in the main visitor car parks and have different benefits than your rally is being offered.

We recommend that you provide your marshals with suitable high-visibility jackets.

There will be a Facilities Charge to reserve the NCWE/2/3 car park designated parking area.  Charges are as follows, and payment must be made in advance.

Up to 20 cars - £50.00

Car parking will also need to be purchased, and the cost is £6.50 for all-day parking.  This can be purchased here.

Alternatively, you may wish to collect the car parking fee and pay this on the day of the meeting.

Please obey the site speed limit of 15mph.

Museum entry is free, and your members are welcome to view the site on the day.

All visitors to the Museum are required to book in advance. As the organiser, you are required to secure these slots. Up to 50 (visitors, not cars), tickets can be available for each time slot. These must be through Digi tickets. Although the arrival times may be staggered, the members can arrive simultaneously. The group organiser is responsible for booking at the Visitor Centre on the day. The booking reference is required in advance.

Please be aware that the Museum has the right to change or cancel your visit should we require the space that has been allocated to you.

Please see the following notes designed to help organisers plan a Car Club booking at the Royal Air Force Museum.

Use of the space.

The space provided for car clubs to park together. This space is not for shows/events. If you are considering holding a car show or event, you can do so by booking with our corporate team.  Please note that venue hire charges apply when booking through our Corporate Team.

Disturbance to Museum Visitors

Organisers are reminded that the Museum is open to the public from 10 am – 5.00 pm seven days a week, and organisers must ensure that the enjoyment of the Museum by our customers is not disrupted.

External structures

External Structures are not permitted. This includes but is not limited to gazebos, flags etc.,

The buildings and their content are not used to support or fix items. All internal and external collection items are respected, and photo requests are agreed upon with the Museum.

Responsible for the clearance of their rubbish and other waste materials from the site at the end of the Rally.

Insurance and Risk Assessments

If you would like to bring flags designed to be weighed down by car wheels, the Museum would like a copy of your Public Liability Insurance cover. A copy of your Method Statement and Risk Assessment would have to be submitted and agreed upon before the visit.


There is to be no selling of items or fundraising for other charities whilst on site at The RAF Museum Midlands.


The Royal Air Force Museum staff will provide general security patrol, but Parking is at your own risk, and the Museum cannot be held accountable for any damage or loss. Please do not leave any items outside the vehicle unattended to avoid unnecessary disruption.

Security Procedure

Should any emergency arise, you are requested to follow the directions of the identified Museum staff members.

Right to Eject

The Visitor Experience Supervisor team has the authority to refuse entry or escort anyone should their behaviour, content or activity of the event be deemed dangerous, anti-social behaviour, unsafe or detrimental to the Museum’s collection or reputation.

Should you have any queries regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us by email.