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Guild of Aviation Artists

The Guild of Aviation Artists Gallery at our Cosford Site

The Guild of Aviation Artists was founded in 1971 and is now recognised throughout the world as the premier society for the promotion of aviation art. It brings together the worlds of art and aviation in a common interest group and stages various exhibitions and events all over the UK.

The paintings in this Exhibition have been specially selected to demonstrate the variety and scope of members’ work. All of the paintings are for sale – please contact the Museum for details of availability and price.

The exhibition was officially opened by the Guild’s president, Michael Turner, who spoke of the close ties that had developed over the last 30 years between the Guild and the RAF Museum, whose exhibits have inspired countless paintings.

The Guild welcomes new members – for details please contact:

The Guild of Aviation Artists
Studio 100, Rye House
113 High Street
Tel: 0333 130 2223