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RAF Museum 2021 Research Lectures Call for Speakers

Published on: 13 November 2020

The RAF Museum seeks
proposals from postgraduate students, early-career and established researchers
for our annual Research Lecture Programme.

Lectures will be hosted online and (if circumstances permit) at
sites in London, Cosford, Wolverhampton and Lancaster.

The Museum’s 2021 Research Programme will examine Air Power
in its broadest sense encompassing not only the history of air warfare and the
RAF, but also related fields such as archaeology, law and ethics, museology,
international relations, and strategic studies. Papers relating to the future direction of Air and Space Power are also welcome.

Group photograph of D Flight, Houton Bay in front of Short Admiralty Type 184, December 1918 (P002121) - Note the flying boat hull on the left beside the hangar.

For lectures held online: Speakers have forty-five minutes to present their talk followed by fifteen minutes for questions. Total running time of one hour.
For lectures held at a venue: Speakers have one hour to present their talk followed by thirty minutes for questions. Total running time of ninety minutes.

The RAF Museum Research Programme includes a number of evening lecture series including: The Trenchard Lectures, held in conjunction with the Royal Aeronautical Society in London; Air Power Seminars, held in conjunction with the University of Wolverhampton; Air Power, Technology, and Procurement Lectures held at the Centre for War and Diplomacy, Lancaster University.

The Museum also hosts lectures at its sites in London and Cosford, with those at Cosford focusing on the period of the Cold War. In the first half of 2021 these lectures will be held online at 6PM. In the second half of the year a decision will be made as to whether lectures can be held on-site with a live audience and, if they can, these lectures will revert to their traditional start time of 12.30PM.

As part of the Museum’s ongoing commitment to encourage debate regarding Air Power and the history of the RAF we also host research discussion panels involving a series of shorter-talks followed by an open discussion.

If you are interested in delivering a Lecture or proposing a discussion panel please send: the title of your lecture, a 300-word abstract of your proposed lecture or panel, and a 200-word biography to the Museum’s Historian, Dr Harry Raffal by Friday 18 December 2020.

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