John Daly – Fun ‘n’ Flight Explainer


What I do
As a Fun ‘n’ Flight Explainer, I give my time to inform the public, children and schools that visit the RAF Museum in Cosford on the history of the RAF and its progression with aeronautics. I teach a lot about how planes fly and how they are involved with public life.

What I love
I enjoy that I have the power to make their visitor experience as interesting to the children as possible. I know I have succeeded in that task when I receive a barrage of questions at me after I have finished talking, sometimes even running out of time before being able to answer them all.
I also love the chance to meet and chat to people – during a Christmas at War event I discovered that the school group I was talking to was from Albion, West Birmingham, where I grew up, and I was able to describe to them what it was like in Albion during the war.

What I get
The change to teach children the basic mechanics of flight and to aid them in a possible future career opportunity. Plus being able to share the stories of RAF personnel is important to me, as it’s the least they deserve for their service.