Chris Fenwick – Vulcan and Cold War Guide


What I do
Having retired from a career as a design engineer for a lighting control company, I applied to become a volunteer at the RAF Museum, in the Cold War Experience Team. We share with visitors the role of the RAF in the Cold War and provide them with access to the Vulcan and Phantom cockpits, ensuring that they get in and out of the aircraft safely. I started a week after my training course, and have been doing it monthly ever since.

I’ve also joined the Aircraft Access Team, as there are many similarities between the two roles.

What I love
If forced to pick a favourite era of aircraft to assist with, I would have to say the First World War. Although in both world wars aircraft technology progressed dramatically, the way it did in the First World War is truly staggering. This is why I love directing the experiences with that collection.

What I get
I’d urge anyone to join the Aircraft Access team. It is great fun. You don’t need to know about aircraft to be part of the team, you will be taught everything you need to know in your induction. If you have some interest in the subject and enjoy finding out information for yourself, you will be perfect.

Through volunteering, you constantly get to talk to people with a common interest. When you see the smile on someone’s face after the great experience they have just had, the sense of satisfaction you get is huge. The feeling is truly boundless.