David Clifford – Subtitler


What I do

As a remote volunteer I assist with Exhibitions and Interpretation by adding subtitles to videos and transcribing audio clips. I receive a work package of video and audio files by email, work on them at home then email my work back. The video clips are usually a series of 2 – 3 minute interviews with individuals discussing various aspects of RAF life. Occasionally I add subtitles to pieces from BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service). I particularly enjoyed subtitling a longer film about the Dambusters for the Virtual Reality Experience.

What I love

I am a shift worker and live some distance from the RAF Museum so it’s great to be able to work remotely. I’d never done work like this before and discovered I really enjoy subtitling – I find the whole process absorbing. The interviews are very interesting too – I get a wide range of subjects from F-35 test pilots to veterans from the Falklands talking about their experiences. This does require me to do a fair bit of checking on Google as I don’t have any sort of an aviation or military background – so now I know what an ASRAAM is (it is a heat-seeking missile) and how to spell ‘Möhne’…!

What I get

The opportunity to assist with the Museum’s work even though it’s not practical for me to regularly attend the site. Of course I did visit after the recent reorganisation and it was very satisfying to see my work ‘in situ’. Whilst there I was struck by the number of overseas visitors and it’s pleasing to think that my work assists these people as well as the hard of hearing.