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4D Theatre

From 9 July fly with the Red Arrows
4D Theatre External
4D Theatre Internal
From 9 July fly with the Red Arrows

Reason 22: Visit the Museum for a fun-filled family day out.If you have ever wondered what it actually feels to soar amongst the clouds or to participate an intense aerial battle wonder no more. You can now experience all the thrills and exhilaration of powered flight by entering the Museum's newest attraction - our 4 Dimensional Theatre.
Combining cutting-edge 3D computer animation with the added dimension of dynamic seating and special environmental effects you will be transported directly into the middle of the action to become either the brave pilot of a B-17 Bomber on a mission over enemy territory; a crack pilot in the desert race of your life; or time traveller, fast-forwarding through the decades as you witness the greatest advances of aviation technology.


The Red Arrows

Duration approx 6 minutes.

A new 4D Experience ride has landed at London care of the world famous aerobatic display team the Red Arrows. Visitors will experience the thrill of flying in formation with Red 1 and see the precise skill involved in some of their famous moves. 


Duration approx 5 minutes.

Join the team of recruits for an intense air fighter training flight. Your mission: Get in your aircraft and chase down an advanced flying robot. Roger that? Good luck on you mission.

Dog Fight - Red Baron

Duration approx 4 minutes.

Visitors have the opportunity to experience genuine combat with the flying aces of World War I and see the speed with which the pilot reacts.

B17: The Mission

Duration approx 10 minutes.

Join the crew of the Kalamazoo Girl as they head deep into enemy territory on a World War 2 bombing mission vital to the Allies cause. Using computer animation combined with real-life actors, this poignant epic film will excite and enthral.

Ravine Race

Duration approx 5 minutes.

You're the pilot in the race of your life as you navigate through death defying canyons at supersonic speeds. One slip and it's game over. So you need to fully concentrate on the obstacles and thrills and spills ahead to avoid the ultimate wipe-out.

Opening times:

Open from 10.30am with a session every half past the hour until last session at 4.30pm on weekdays outside of holiday periods. Open from 10.30am until last session at 5.00pm on weekends and holidays.

Ticket Prices:

Single - £5 per person for each film.

Family Ticket - entitling up to 4 people to travel together - £16.

Where to purchase tickets

Tickets to the Museum's 4D Theatre may be purchased from:

  • Museum′s Main Entrance
  • Shop
  • Historic Hangars Simulator
  • 4D Theatre

Minimum age requirement: 4 Years. Children under the age of 8 years must be accompanied by an adult.

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