Bomber Hall

The B-52 in the Museum's Bomber Hall.
Our Halifax aircraft in Bomber Hall.
The mighty Lancaster in our Museum's Bomber Hall
The Bomber Hall exhibition follows the development of the bomber from its first appearance in World War One to the highly sophisticated machines of today. When you visit RAF Museum London you can also find out about the achievements of RAF Bomber Command and the U.S. Army Air Forces in World War Two.

This hall is, in part, a memorial to the 131,000 young men who died during the combined bombing offensive - after the defeats in Europe, the only way the Allies could carry the fight back to Hitler's Germany.

In World War One, the bomber changed the face of conflict forever. For the first time, people far behind the battle lines were under threat from the enemy. In time, the bomber was being used to devastate enormous areas - today the precision of modern weapons helps to minimise civilian loss of life.
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3 Pilots 1 War