What we spend and how we spend it

Funding agreement and income

The Museum is an Executive Non-Departmental Public Body and receives public money (Grant-in-Aid) through its Sponsor body, the Ministry of Defence. A funding agreement exists between the Museum and its Sponsor Branch (Headquarters Air Command) in the form of a Financial Framework Document. The document was last updated in 2010 and has been extended to March 2016. The Museum’s internal Financial Codes of Practice are derived from this document.

In addition to Grant-in-Aid, the Museum generates income via its trading company, Royal Air Force Museum Enterprises Limited. The company’s income is derived principally from retail (shops at Hendon and Cosford, and online) catering franchises at the two sites, and Conference and Corporate hire of the Museum’s premises.

Financial statements, budgets and variance reports

The Museum’s principal Auditors are the National Audit Office and its Internal Auditors are Moore Stephens LLP. The Museum’s Trading Company is audited by Hillier Hopkins LLP.

Published accounts are available in the policy and performance section

Purchasing plans for exhibits, and planned expenditure for exhibitions

As we approach the RAF’s Centenary in 2018 our vision and mission will link us more closely with the RAF story and its people. These will be delivered through an ambitious £23m RAF Centenary Programme that will transform the Hendon site and a RAF Centenary Legacy programme that will complete this transformation through developments at Cosford and Hendon that are due to complete in 2022.

The RAF Centenary Programme 2014-18

We will develop and deliver four new exhibitions:

  • First World War in the Air: Hendon & Cosford – the delivery of new exhibitions exploring the stories of ‘The First World War in the Air’, opened successfully in December 2014 and January 2015 respectively.
  • First 100 Years of the RAF: Hendon & Cosford (2018)
  • Now & the Future: Hendon (2018)
  • Air Power: in an age of uncertainty: Hendon (2018)

We will develop and deliver an international digital programme, ‘My RAF Story’, enabling anyone to create an online digital scrapbook to share their stories.

London site transformation:

We will transform the physical landscape of our site to reflect its rich heritage as the London Aerodrome and RAF Hendon; we will also develop interpretation that explores both the physical environment and the stories of the people who worked there.

We will develop new visitor facilities for the site including an orientation centre, new café & restaurant, shop, indoor soft play area, community facilities, external play area and car-parking.

We will develop new staff and volunteer workshop facilities with a focus on the conservation and mount-making for small collection artefacts.

We will develop a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)-focussed lifetime learning programme delivered both within our new exhibitions and in bespoke new learning spaces.

Spending reviews

As a Non-Departmental Public Body the Museum is subject to review by the Ministry of Defence. When this is done the report will be published at https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/triennial-review-reports

Grants and donations

[In preparation]

Financial audit reports

Published accounts are available in the policy & performance section

Senior staff and board members’ allowances and expenses

Available on request.

Pay and grading structures

The Museum’s pay arrangements were devolved from the Ministry of Defence in 2000 and the present system (introduced in 2003) is based upon information supplied by Croner Rewards Limited. Pay levels and terms and conditions are negotiated annually through a Pay Negotiating Committee and are subject to the Pay Remit process set out by HM Treasury.

Salaries of Directors and members of staff whose emoluments exceed £60,000 are reported in the Museum’s Annual Accounts.

Procurement and tendering procedures

The Museum operates in accordance with the guidance set out by HM Treasury in Managing Public Money and any instructions contained in Letters to Accounting Officers issued from time to time.

Details of contracts currently available for tender will be published on the website [link]

Financial statements for projects and events

[In preparation]

Internal financial regulations

Code of Financial Practice