Our policies and procedures

For the conduct of business

Policies relating to the management of the Museum’s collections are in the policy and performance section. Our Visit Guidelines are published here for London and here for Cosford

For the provision of services

The following are published on the website:

For the recruitment and employment of staff

Information on current vacancies can be accessed on the RAF Museum website here. Paper copies of job descriptions can be obtained upon request at jobs@rafmuseum.org

Customer service standards including the complaint procedures

The Museum must normally respond and provide the information which has been requested within 20 working days for any Freedom of Information requests. For more information, please click here.

We aim to reply to other enquiries within 30 working days.

Customer Complaints Procedure

Records management and personal data policies

Charging regimes and policies

Charges for Car Parking

Charges for venue hire are published at

Charges for the provision of copies are published on the visit our reading room page.

Enquiries regarding licensing of material in the Museum’s collections should be addressed to copyright@rafmuseum.org

The Museum is a member of the Information Fair Trader Scheme which sets and assesses standards for public sector bodies, and requires them to encourage the re-use of information and reach a standard of fairness and transparency.

Collections and collections care

If you are thinking of donating an artefact please visit Information for prospective donors here.

To research our Collection please visit our Reading Room page. Our phone and online collections enquiry service is currently closed to enable our teams to complete work on the RAF Museum’s RAF Centenary programme.

Policies relating to the management of the Museum’s Collection:

Procedures relating to the management of the Museum’s Collection:

Any enquiries relating to Collection policies and the organisation of the Museum’s Collections should be made to the Department of Collections Services at our London site:

Tel: 020 8358 4889
Fax: 020 8200 1751