Milestones of Flight

Celebrating 100 years of powered flight and boasting a stunning display of suspended aircraft, split level viewing and a flight simulator - Milestones of Flight is the perfect venue to impress your guests.

The Milestones of Flight building was opened in 2003, 100 years after the first powered flight by Orville Wright. High viewing areas and state-of-the-art interactive technology take guests through some of the most important milestones in aviation history. From the early pioneer days before World War One, through World War Two, up to the modern age of flight and today's jet engines.

Guests can come face to face with some of the earliest aircraft to have ever been built and enjoy drinks and canapés underneath the suspended Eurofighter – creating a memorable event in a dynamic and atmospheric setting.

Milestones of Flight can accommodate up to 100 people for a standing reception.

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