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Sports artefacts up for adoption

Published on: 29 July 2022

In celebration of the Commonwealth Games launching in Birmingham, the Royal Air Force Museum is adding two new sporty objects to the Adopt an Artefact initiative.

The new objects representing sport within the RAF have been specially selected from the Museum’s collection of more than 1.3 million items and join over 60 artefacts in the adoptable collection.

Sported by the apprentices at RAF Cranwell in the 1920s, the Cranwell Boys’ Wing Sports Cap is first of two new sports artefacts available for adoption. Royal Air Force apprentices aged 15-16 would undertake three years of technical training, passing out as highly qualified mechanics. Sports were a feature of an apprentice’s life, with regular afternoon sessions being devoted to games. The cap can be viewed on display at the Museum’s London site and is the perfect adoption for any Cranwell attendees or all-round sports fans.

Formed from three arms bearing gymnastic exercise clubs is the Physical Training Instructor Badge, the second new addition to the Museum’s adoptable collection. The Royal Air Force School of Physical Training was formed on the same day as the Royal Air Force, 1 April 1918. It is responsible for preparing instructors to lead physical training education and activities. This object, circa 1923-1949 recognises the important role sport and fitness has played within the RAF and is an ideal adoption for any trainer, as well as those with a close connection to RAF Cosford. Look out for this artefact on display next time you visit the Museum’s Midlands site.

‘Adopt an Artefact’ highlights a selection of iconic and unusual objects from the Museum collection which span more than a century of aviation and RAF history.  People can browse the items and adopt online CLICK HERE.

Ella Hewitt, RAF Museum Individual Giving Manager said: 

‘With the Commonwealth Games inspiring the next generation of athletes, it’s a great opportunity for the Museum to look back at the RAF’s sporting history and reflect on the role sport has played for service personnel. Adopting an artefact such as the Cranwell Boys’ Wing Sports Cap or the Physical Training Instructor Badge, helps raise funds for the Museum, enabling us to continue sharing the RAF story. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to buy an unusual gift for a budding athlete or sports lover, and to receive something unique in return for your support.’

Starting at £25.00, adoptions last 12 months from the date they are adopted. Every adoption includes a digital adoption certificate and photo, online recognition with a personalised message, and exclusive updates throughout the year.

Adoptees can view their artefacts during a visit to the Museum. The Museum is open daily from 10.00am and admission is free, simply pre-book your arrival time online CLICK HERE.

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