Winners announced for the ‘Behind the Enigma’ book competition

Published on: 19 November 2020

Thank you to all those who participated in our recent competition. Most of you cracked the code and entered ‘COLOSSUS’ as the correct answer. The winners have been notified and they will soon be the proud owners of their copy of ‘Behind the Enigma. The Authorised History of GCHQ, Britain’s Secret Cyber-Intelligence Agency’.

This book tells the first-ever authorised history of Britain’s secret cyber-intelligence agency GCHQ, Government Communications Headquarters. Famed for its codebreaking achievements during the Second World War, and essential to the Allied victory, GCHQ also held a critical role in both the Falklands War and Cold War.

The winners are:

Ryan Smith – Melton Mowbray
Philip Burg – Morden
Malcolm Harriss – Kings Hill
Daphne Sarson – Eastbourne
Andy King – Chester
Jason Daniels – Stoke On Trent
John Unsworth – Cheapside West
Pete Hann – Birchwood
Anthony Wilson – Fulwood
Paul Barnett – Skellingthorpe

If you were not one of the lucky ones, check your email to see if you are one of the hundred to receive a 20% discount code which can be redeemed through the Bloomsbury website –

Alternatively, the book is available at our online RAF Museum Shop. This authoritative volume contains 848 pages of amazing history. This may make an excellent Christmas present for those wanting to know more about the subject.


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