Mojgan Dizadji – ESOL Conversation Café volunteer

What I do
I volunteer at the weekly conversation café for speakers of other languages to practice their English. The sessions are run by Barnet and Southgate College, in partnership with the RAF Museum, and meet on Wednesdays in Claude’s restaurant at the Museum. Each week I am given a topic with some questions to start a conversation with, but I often find that students are keen to talk and tell me about themselves and their hobbies so I end up listening and talking about what they want to talk about.

What I love
I find these sessions very rewarding and at times quite a lot of fun. The students are from a variety of languages and backgrounds, and we always have something interesting to talk about.

What I get
After each session I go home feeling great that I may have made a very small difference to someone’s day which makes me happy and I look forward to the next session.