Natasha Constantinou – Small Objects Conservation Care


What I do
I am part of the Small Objects Collection Care team, made up of four volunteers plus staff Katie and Peter. We have worked on numerous objects, initially preparing items for display for the RAF’s centenary in 2018, and for other exhibitions since then. We also undertake general care across the Museum, such as monitoring of UV and visible light readings, insect monitoring and control, and refilling of the flood kits in the hangers.

What I love
It has been a real honour and pleasure to have helped to conserve these incredible historical objects and help preserve them for future generations to enjoy. For myself, it’s been a labour of love and full of emotions, as handling these objects and looking after them does bring out all sorts of feelings of what those brave RAF men and women have gone through for us to enjoy the freedom we have today. My personal favourite, which moved me deeply, was conserving the Billy Can which had belonged to prisoner of war Corporal Thomas Fisher, which is currently on display in London’s Hanger 1.

What I get
I have learnt a lot through volunteering at the RAF Museum. Our line managers and conservators, Katie and Peter, have taught us so much, and I would like to say thank you to them for all their support. One of my proudest moment was when we were nominated as Best Team by the RAF Museum, and we were runners-up for the London Volunteering Museum Award in September 2018.