London opens at 9.30am daily for Half Term, 23 - 31 October

Sit in London's Cold War Phantom Jet on 29 and 30 October

Take-off to Cosford's Night Shoot on 26 and 27 November

Cosford to hold Service of Remembrance, 14 Nov

DH 60 Moth

DH 60 Moth

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© Michael Turner

Whilst teaching his father to fly on their De Havilland DH60 Moth in 1932, practicing circuits on the hard-baked ground, the tail skid caught in a rut and broke the rudder post as the aircraft took-off. Seeing the tail flapping at an alarming angle, Alex took control and eased the aircraft back onto the ground. Unaware of the damage, his father berated Alex for making such a fuss until the potential danger was pointed out to him.