The Central Church of the Royal Air Force

A church has stood on this site since the 11th Century. After several rebuilds the present structure was rebuilt under the design and direction of Sir Christopher Wren. On 10 May 1941 during the last, and perhaps one of the heaviest, air raids of the Blitz St. St. Clement Danes © Andrew Ingamells Clement Danes was badly damaged. Only the outer walls, tower and steeple survived the bombing.

Following an appeal for money by the Royal Air Force the church was completely rebuilt and re-consecrated on 19 October 1958. It became the spiritual heart of the Royal Air Force. Since then, it has helped families mourning their loss and to come to terms with their grief.

Dedication of the Royal Air Force Books of Remembrance

For families who lose loved ones through conflict, emotional support is often the first that is required. Immediate support is on offer from the Station Chaplain or the representatives of other faiths within the RAF. Further support is given by St. Clement Danes Church, the central Church of the Royal Air Force.

St. Clement Danes church offers support through Services of Remembrance, such as the annual Service of thanksgiving and through the lasting entry into the Royal Air Force memorial books. Pages from the RAF Books of Remembrance are turned every day and relatives can visit the Church to see the name of their loved one in the book. The books start from 1912 and continue to the present day.

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