Handley Page Hyderabad and Hinaidi

We have even more tenuous physical links with the biplane heavy night bomber contemporaries of the Virginia and Heyford, the Handley Page Hyderabad and its all-metal structured derivative the Hinaidi.

What Was it?

The Hyderabad first flew in 1923, and 44 of the aircraft served from December 1925 until January 1934. It was the last Royal Air Force heavy bomber in squadron service to be of wooden construction.

Handley Page Hinaidi

What Was it?

The Bristol Jupiter powered Hinaidi first flew in March 1927. In total, 45 of the aircraft were built, some new-build and others were converted Hyderabads.

The Hinaidi served in RAF squadrons from October 1929 until October 1935. It had a maximum speed of 196kph (122mph) and a span of 22.8m (75ft).