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Although our doors may be temporarily closed, we will continue to share more of our unique world-class collection and incredible stories of the RAF online via the RAF Museum at Home. Over the next few weeks, we will share the best from our collection in a series of themed weeks and weekends

This weekend we invite you to enter a free competition to win £100 worth of goodies of your choice from our online shop.

  • Saturday 23 May, 10:30am – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram Post

  • Saturday 23 May 3.30pm – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Post about Hidden Hero, Roger Bushell

  • Saturday 23 May 5.30pm, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Post:

  • Saturday 23 May 6.30pm, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-in Post

  • Sunday 24 May 11:30am, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked-in Post:

  • Sunday 24 May 12.30pm, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in post:

  • Sunday 1.30pm, Facebook, Twitter Post about Amy Johnson

  • Sunday 24 May 4.30pm Twitter & Facebook Post:

  • Sunday 24 May 9.30pm, Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in Post about our latest blog: