This week we examine some of the RAF's Hidden Heroes

Although our doors may be temporarily closed, we will continue to share more of our unique world-class collection and incredible stories of the RAF online via the RAF Museum at Home. Over the next few weeks, we will share the best from our collection in a series of themed weeks and weekends

This week we invite you to discover a few of the Royal Air Force’s Hidden Heroes.

  • Monday 18 May 10.00am: Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and Instagram Post: Welcome to Hidden Heroes Week

  • Monday 18 May 2.05pm: Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in and Instagram Post

  • Monday 18 May, 8.35pm, Twitter Post:

Montage of Bomb Disposal Personnel and equipment

'Benny' Goodman as a young man far left and more recently in front of our Lancaster Bomber

  • Wednesday 20 May 9:35am, Twitter Post about the Polish Resistance

  • Wednesday 20 May 12:30pm, Facebook and Twitter Post about former Museum volunteer, the late Roger Wilkins

  • Wednesday 20 May 2.30pm, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-in Post:

  • Thursday 21 May 10:30am, Facebook and Twitter Post about a Remembrance Service by Driffield District Council for five of their Hidden Heroes:

  • Thursday 21 May 10:45am, Facebook at Twitter Post about the people of Brissy-Hamegicourt who have created a virtual Remembrance to the crew of WhitleyV N1380 DY-R and its crew of five.

  • Thursday 21 May 12:30pm, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Post of our latest 360 degree cockpit tour

  • Thursday 21 May 4:30pm, Facebook Post about Sopwith Camel and First World War pilot Hardit Singh Malik

  • Thursday 21 May 8:05pm, Facebook and Twitter Post about the Jewish Hidden Heroes project as support by by Roman Abramovich and the Chelsea Football Club Foundation.

  • Thursday 21 May 8.35pm, Twitter Post about Hidden Hero Joan Myers