Dambusters Podcasts

On this page you will find podcasts that give further details about the Dams Raid and the men of 617 Squadron:

The actor Richard ToddThe Dams Raid

In this podcast, first recorded in 2009, the late Richard Todd who played the part of Guy Gibson in the film ‘The Dam Busters’ narrates the story of the Dams Raid which took place on the evening of the 16th and 17th of May 1943.

In it he explores the challenges that the men of 617 Squadron had to face and the impact that the Dams Raid had on morale both on the Home Front in Britain and in Germany.

Listen to the Dams Raid here.

Guy Gibson with his dog and his crew RAF Scampton May 1943

Remembering Guy Gibson

In this podcast, specially commissioned by the RAF Museum for the 70th anniversary of the Dambusters Raid, renowned historian Professor Richard Morris looks at the early influences that effected the young Guy Gibson and developed the character of a man who was able to inspire 617 Squadron to overcome insurmountable odds and successfully breach the German Dams.

Listen to Remembering Guy Gibson here.

A Vulcan as flown by 617 Squadron

No 617 Squadron after the Dams Raid

No 617 Squadron has entered the annals of British History primarily for the Dambusters Raid.

However, the Squadron has served with distinction throughout its history in various campaigns.

In this podcast, Official Historian for the 617 Squadron Aircrew Association and co-author of ‘Breaching the German Dams’, Robert Owens examines the Squadron’s history up to and including the First and Second Gulf Wars.

Listen to No 617 Squadron after the Dams Raid, here.