This week, 11 - 15 May 2020, is Bomber Week

Although our doors may be temporarily closed, we will continue to share more of our unique world-class collection and incredible stories of the RAF online via the RAF Museum at Home. Over the next few weeks, we will share the best from our collection in a series of themed weeks.

This week the RAF Museum is focusing on bomber aircraft. From the early WW1 biplanes dropping grenades to Lancasters over Berlin, and Vulcans on standby to drop nuclear bombs over the Soviet Union. We will have plenty or articles, 360 cockpit images, videos, and more.

  • Monday 11 May, 9.30am, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in – Welcome to Bomber Week

  • Monday 11 May, 12:30pm, Facebook Post

  • Monday 11 May, 8.35pm, Tweet:

The daughters of John Hannah VC

  • Tuesday 12 May, 4.30pm, Facebook Post – We would like to share with you a story about 12 May 1940

  • Tuesday 12 May, 8.35pm, Tweet:

Diagram showing the controls of a Stirling Bomber

  • Thursday 14 May, 4.35pm Facebook Post about the Maiden Flight of the Short Stirling:

  • Thursday 14 May 8.35pm, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Post of a film showing Short Stirlings in production in 1942:

  • Thursday 14 May, 9.00pm – Actress Minnie Driver talking to Joshua Levine about her father’s role in Bomber Command, as part of the Museum’s Hidden Heroes initiative:

  • Friday 15 May, 4.30pm Facebook post about the history of RAF Bombers

  • Friday 15 May, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Post promoting the Museum’s online shop

  • Friday 15 May, 8.35pm, Tweet:

The Victor Bomber in Flight

  • Friday 15 May, 9.00pm, Facebook & Twitter our first ever Pub Quiz !