de Havilland DH10 Amiens

What Was It?

The de Havilland DH10 was, along with the Vickers Vimy and Handley Page V/1500, a promising new RAF bomber that just missed real action in the First World War. Its only sortie was on 10th November 1918, the day before the Armistice, when a single No.104 Squadron aircraft, F1867, bombed Sarrebourg aerodrome.

The type had first flown in March 1918; trials showed it was faster than the standard DH9A and could carry twice its bomb load.

Cancellation of orders after the Armistice meant only some 260 of this Liberty engined, 112 mph (65ft 6in) span aircraft actually reached the Royal Air Force, serving mainly abroad post war, in Egypt until June 1922 and India until April 1923.

E6042 was last flown by the Royal Aircraft Establishment on 8 July 1926, after which the type passed into history.