Join us for our Virtual VE Day Festival 75 online, 7 - 9 May

Although our doors may be temporarily closed, we will continue to share more of our unique world-class collection and incredible stories of the RAF online via the RAF Museum at Home. Over the next few weeks, we will share the best from our collection in a series of themed weeks.

This week we countdown to the our VE Day 75 Virtual Festival which we are hosting in conjunction with the National Museum of the Royal Navy and the National Army Museum from 7 – 9 May.

  • Monday 4 May, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Post broadcast at 7.00pm – Can you guess the aircraft from our collection

  • Tuesday 5 May: Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and Instagram Post broadcast at 11.30am asking people to download our VE75 Party Pack

  • Tuesday 5 May, 8.30pm Facebook Post about an audacious flight into Denmark on the run up to VE Day

  • Wednesday 6 May, 10.30am, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and Instagram Poster inviting people to take part in our Junk Model Challenge

  • Wednesday 6 May 11.30am Facebook, Instagram, Linked in, Twitter post, counting down to our Virtual VEDay75 Festival

  • Wednesday 6 May, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Post inviting people to sign up to our Virtual VEDay commemorations

Stand with your services as we celebrate 75 years since VE Day.

Virtual VE Day as brought to you by the Royal Air Force Museum, National Army Museum, the National Museum of the Royal Navy

The National Museum of the Royal Navy, the National Army Museum and the Royal Air Force Museum are joining forces to host a free online festival, bringing to life the stories of those who helped deliver Victory in Europe.

Free Downloadable Programme of Events

LINKS ARE NOW LIVE! Just download the programme and click on each activity – this will take you straight to a YouTube video or Crowdcast link. You can also follow the Festival on our social media channels.

Our full programme for the Festival can be downloaded by clicking above, or scrolling down the page. All events listed will be broadcast online either on YouTube, CrowdCast or Facebook and they are all free to access.

Spread the word to family and friends to get involved. And do share your pictures with us on social media with the hashtag #StandWithYourServices.

Aside from joining forces ourselves, we have lots of other passionate, talented people and companies to thank for working tirelessly on this programme, they include: Old Time Design Company, History’s Maid, Tastes Through Time, Up ‘an at ’em History, Katy Potaty, Astwood Design, Jonathan Fennell, James Holland, Simon and Anna from Swing Dance UK, Dr Peter Johnston, Matthew Sheldon, Dr Harry Raffall, and The Bluebird Belles.

Free Downloadable Party Pack

Download our party pack bursting with fun activities – all designed to help you get ready to celebrate VE Day this Friday. Hang your bunting, put a poster in your window, wave flags and get cooking! There is loads to do so why not get started now!

Full Programme of Events for the Virtual VE Day 75 Festival

Vying for Victory: Britain’s Army, Navy and Air Force in Myth and Memory
Discussion, YouTube, 5.00pm

Live Q&A, Crowdcast, 7.00pmVying for VictoryThe Second World War was the first major conflict to see the implementation of a truly joint operations and command: three different services with three different sets of traditions, cultures and experiences.

Now, 75 years after Victory in Europe, how do we recognise the contribution of the separate branches of the armed forces on the Road to Victory? Should we view it as anything but a joint operation?

Author and historian James Holland joins lead curators from the National Museum of the Royal Navy, the National Army Museum and the Royal Air Force Museum to explore the highs and lows in the evolution of this unique working relationship.

And, as the modern media continues to draw on wartime experiences and expressions, they will assess how each of the services has cemented its own contribution in myth, tradition and popular culture today.

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In May 1945, the Second World War in Europe came to an end with the unconditional surrender of all German forces. 8 May was declared a national holiday – Victory in Europe Day – and celebrations swept the country.

Join us from 10.00am for Life on the Home Front

Find out what life was like on the Home Front as the Second World War drew to a close, our Living History groups have brought it to life in a series of short films.

In the News, Spring ’45! What were you hearing over the radio 75 years ago?
Digging for Victory and rationing of food during the war, what could you eat?
Upcycling and repairing clothes were necessary during the war, you had to Make Do and Mend.
1940s Hair and Make-up Tutorial
All night celebrations and street parties, find out what it would have been like on VE Day 75 years ago
Get inspiration for your celebration from the National Museum of the Royal Navy Collection

11.00am: Tune in to the BBC for National Commemorations, including a two minute’s silence.

Join us again after the two minutes silence for Women in the Armed Forces

Women served in the three services during the Second World War. Listen to their reflections and discover what their work involved. These women have their stories brought to life by our Living History Groups.

Auxiliary Territorial Service
Women’s Royal Naval Service: Meet Jean Gordon who was a typist in the Writer Branch and worked as part of Admiral Ramsey’s staff, preparing plans for Operation Overlord. After D Day, she travelled to France, celebrating VE day in Paris.
Women’s Auxiliary Air Force
Special Operations Executive: A new recruit (part one)

At noon, we examine what life was like for various forces members on VE Day

What was it like to survive the Battle of Britain, what did a soldier carry on his back, and who signaled across the world that war had ended in Europe? Stories from the Frontline!

Life as a Pilot: Still a long way to go
Pack your bag– discover the uniform and kit soldiers used in the Second World War?
Forgotten Fighter – the story of a soldier who served in the Far East
Homecoming Hero – the story of a VC winner’s war
HMS Victory signals Victory in Europe
HMS Alliance – Learn about what is like to be under attack, under the sea! With the ‘Action Stations’ video providing an insight into the extraordinary experience of Second World War Submarineers.
Peter Stevens, a Jewish Hidden Hero. Told by Joshua Levine for the RAF Museum – supported by the Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC Foundation.

Here the voices of those who were there on VE Day

Hear accounts and stories from veterans of the Second World War.
Army Commandos: Interview with Army Veteran Stan Scott
Jewish Hidden Hero: Meet Lawrence ‘Benny’ Goodman
Working in the Ops Room: Katherine Du Plat
Spreading the news of Peace: Meet Dorrie Thomas, as she reflects on her experience as a Telegraphist in the Women’s Royal Navy Service sending news of peace in Europe to members of the British Naval Fleet.

Sign up now to Why The Allies won the War a live seminar with James Holland

Renowned historian James Holland and National Army Museum curator Dr Peter Johnson discuss the events that brought the Second World War in Europe to an end in 1945 in this live webinar.

Please register for the webinar. Registration will require an email address but no password.

The Announcement of Victory, 2.45pm
Tune in again to the BBC to watch Sir Winston Churchill’s famous victory speech.

Join us for a very special class showing you how to swing dance in your front room

Swing Dance UK will teach you to Jitterbug and Jive from the safety of your own home in this live beginner’s class.

Enjoy a 1940s style concert with the Blue Bird Belles at 5.00pm

Round off your Bank Holiday celebrations with a concert from 40s trio The Bluebird Belles. Sing along to some iconic tunes and practice your newly learnt dance moves.

Click here for the Lyrics to Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree, Wartime Medley, Bugle Boy, We’ll Meet Again


We’ll Meet Again
Join in with the National Museum of the Royal Navy staff and volunteers as they sing from around the country.


Walk through HMS Alliance
Take a virtual walk through HMS Alliance, a Second World War era submarine and consider the isolation of submariners as Europe celebrated

Join us for Soldiers Stories at 11.00am on Saturday 9 May

Enjoy our instalment of today’s videos as we continue to explore what life was like on the front line.
Pack Your Bag part two– discover the weapons and kit soldiers used in the Second World War. This video continues on from yesterday’s instalment.
Special Operations Executive: Behind Enemy Lines. This video follows yesterday’s exciting tale of a new recruit.
The RAF Regiment – archive film from the RAF Film Productions (with thanks to the IWM Film Archive)
Special Operations Executive: Tools of the trade. Discover the kit a member of the SOE used in the field

West Indies ATS: Learn about the important work of the West Indies ATS during the Second World War
Meet a member of the ATS

Listen to the voices of the people who were there on the day.

Hear accounts and stories from veterans of the Second World War.
Old and the Bold: Interview with Norman Mitchell
Meet Roy Finch and hear about being shot down and bailing out of the Wellington bomber over the sea
Squadron Leader Sandy Johnstone remembers 602 Squadron

Join us for Fighting The People's War with Dr Jonathan Fennell

In this live webinar, Dr Jonathan Fennell discusses the history of the British and Commonwealth armies in the Second World War.

He will show how fractures on the home front had profound implications for the performance of the British and Commonwealth armies. Last month, Dr Fennell was awarded the prestigious Templer Medal Book Prize for Fighting the People’s War: The British Commonwealth Armies and the Second World War.

Please register here. Registration will require an email address but not a password.


Vying for Victory
Catch up on Thursday Night’s live Q&A with James Holland and historians from each of the force’s museums, debunking the myths to reveal the lesser known stories of how the Second World War was won.

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