This week we will be examining the hidden stories of Battle of Britain aircrew

As part of our Battle of Britain 80th anniversary commemorations we will be sharing our unique world-class collection of Battle of Britain artefacts and incredible stories of the RAF online via the RAF Museum at Home. Over the next few weeks, we will share the best from our collection in a series of themed weeks and weekends

This week 31 August – 6 September we will be focussing on some of the hidden stories in our collections that talk about Battle of Britain Aircrew

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    #OnThisDay in 1940 : The Germans continue to put pressure on No. 11 Group, especially around RAF Biggin Hill, and the radar stations along the south coast. Fighter Command is cracking but holding on. #BoB80

    — RAF Museum (@RAFMUSEUM) September 1, 2020

    Images illustrating our above tweet

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    Picture of the combat report featured in the tweet, members of 303 squadron walking away from their aircraft and the Battle of Britain 80th anniversary logo.

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    A selection of paintings from our Battle of Britain Art Exhibition, plus the 80th anniversary Battle of Britain logo

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      #RAFMVideo : On the day Josef Frantisek claimed his first aircraft, we look back at the media interviews for the Hurricane film, which tells the dramatic story of the No. 303 (#Polish) Squadron during the #BattleofBritain.

    Actor Krystof Hádek who played Josef Frantisek in the film Hurricane