Handley Page 0/100 and 0/400 – What do we have?

Our relics of the Handley Page 0/100 are limited to two sections of fabric, 70/A/987, both cut from No.216 Squadron aircraft 1466- a fragment from the tail with the serial number, and a Demon’s face insignia with 14 bomb markings, presumably as mission tallies.

Largest relics of the Handley Page 0/400 in the RAFM collection are 67/A/7, a complete port upper outer mainplane panel, once displayed at RAF Museum London, and a group of four tailplane elevators, 75/A/272-275, donated by Mr. W.J. Port of Abingdon.

We also hold a crumpled section of fabric skin, 76/A/488, donated by Mr D.H. Brownley, from 0/400 D4569 of No.207 Squadron, which crashed in France in 1918.

A surprising survival is Oil Tank 83/A/349; we also have three four bladed propellers, 85/E/885-7, for the 275hp Rolls Royce Eagle as fitted to the 0/400, and two rather smaller 4-blade generator windmill propellers, 67/E/166 and X003-8078.

Currently in store is a substantial length of  0/400  rear main wing spar, 76/A/1751, donated by Mrs B. Smith of Wembley.

Also held are High Altitude bombsight Mk. 1A 73/I/406, standard fit for the 0/400, and in the Bomber Hall, 1,650 lb bomb 72/O/5, as carried by the 0/400.

We also have barometer 69/C/17, mounted in a cut-off propeller hub from civilianised 0/400 G-EAMC, the former RAF D4624, which was written off on 25 February 1920. This was donated in 1969 by Captain Sir Edward Tymms.

Those items not illustrated here will be photographed as the recording element of the Museum’s ongoing collections management programme proceeds.