Vickers Virginia – What do we have?

Control Wheel

This Vimy or Virginia pilot’s control wheel was acquired from the former RAF Cardington in 1970.

Rudder Bar

Believed to be from a Virginia. Donated by Mr Peter Bagley of Middlesex.

Throttle Quadrant

From the last Virginia flying at RAF Henlow, Bedfordshire. This was almost certainly Virginia X J7434, which was in use by the Home Aircraft depot/Parachute Training School. It was written off when it undershot on landing at Henlow, hitting some telephone cables in the process, on 4th September 1941. Donated by Mr Owen Frame of Berkshire.

Fuel Gauge

0-170 gallons capacity Donated by Mr A.D. Cudmore of Sussex.

Generator/Fuel Pump

4-blade wooden ‘windmill’ propeller, believed to be from a Virginia. Donated by Mr Woods-Brady of London.

Fuselage Panel with yellow code letter-M

Fabric on plywood backing, believed to be from a No.7 Squadron Virginia, the squadron operating the Virginia from 1927 to 1935. No.7 Squadron Virginia IX J8911 was coded ‘M’ February-October 1931. Donated by the widow of Air Commodore F. Titmas, CB.

Pair of Main Wheels and spare tyre

Private purchase (accession number 70/A/425), plus spare tyre (70/A/426).


The Virginia VII and X had the Napier Lion V/VB engine; Napier Lion V (accession number 65/E/6), acquired from the former RAF Technical College at RAF Henlow, is on display in RAF Museum London’s Historic Hangars.

Those items not illustrated here will be photographed as the recording element of the Museum’s ongoing collections management programme proceeds.