Loans from our Collection

Distinguished Flying Crosses
A Mothers' Day Card
Hawker Tempest Aircraft
A silver salva

The Royal Air Force Museum lends objects to museums and galleries in the United Kingdom and around the world.

The Museum is currently developing plans to mark the Centenary of the Royal Air Force in 2018, which includes a major refurbishment of the London site.

Therefore, because we are unable to guarantee object availability, we regret that we are unable to process any new requests for loans from the collection until the Museum's new loans programme is launched in May 2018.

From that time requests for loans will be able to be submitted online through our website and a guide to borrowing from the Royal Air Force Museum will be available for download from this section of the website to assist potential borrowers in the loans application process.

For further information, please contact the Museum Registrar


For RAF stations/related organisations wishing to make requests for Squadron property or material to support RAF100 please select the link below:


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